Some useful beekeeping related links

Equipment Suppliers

thorne's beekeeping supplies - Thornes provide all things you need for beekeeping, they are not the cheapest but reliable.

Modern Beekeeping - I buy my National Poly hives from MBS.

Sherriff Clothing- B J Sherriff for quality Bee Keepers clothing.

Maisemore Apiaries - Another supplier of all beekeeping supllies, usually good value.

paynes - I buy my 6 frame poly nucelus hives from here. Suppliers of Weather monitoring stations.



Associations and other useful links

Barnsley Beekeepers Association - My local association that I am a member of.

Yorkshire Beekeepers Association - Yorkshire Beekeepers Association is the largest branch of the BBKA.

Barnsley Beekeepers Association - British Beekeepers Association.

NBU BeeBase - Nation Bee Unit (FERA)

Bee-craft - Beekeeping Journal - A very interesting monthly magazine for beekeepers.